Since I’m here…

let me divulge what my plans (still) are. Upon finishing my Masters of Architorture, I will take a few months off. I will not apply to architecture jobs. I will do anything but! My hiatus will allow me time to think through some things. I will have time to breathe again. (Its been a while). I will have time to make a website. I will have time to learn some more video editing tricks. I will have time to put together a portfolio I don’t hate (hopefully). I will have time to work on x5 & PiG projects, which often involve using all my creative skills combined.

What I hope is that I will be drawn back into Architecture with such a force that I won’t just dawdle about for 6 months, get a shitty job that doesn’t appreciate me, then hate myself for it for at least the year I decide to not quit there. Its about finding the passion and enthusiasm I used to have for it, something that’s been somewhat elusive in the past year or so. When I realised that I had a real passion and enthusiasm for the x5/PiG projects I became extremely confused. Why do I enjoy this more than what I’ve been studying and working towards for the last 7 years? How is it that I can literally sit there and work on these things without noticing time pass, but not be able to focus for half an hour at work?

I guess, at the end of the day, all I really want are some answers. Whatever they may be, at least it will unbind me.

Its been a while….

and I blame my Graduation Semester of uni for that. What was initially a last ditch effort at finishing this degree has actually changed my mind a little bit. Could it be that seeing the light at the end of the tunnel makes it bearable? Or maybe I finally have a tutor who seems to speak my language. Either way, I find myself enjoying uni and despising work. Well, there’s a first for everything!

Waiting to see how I think when the semester is over.