Lower thirds

Learned something new today 🙂

I had needed to use these last year for a video I made, but didn’t know what to call them or if they even had a name. Today I found out they’re called “Lower thirds”. They’re the bar that shows up at the bottom of a screen and says what people’s names are, or maybe the location of the shot. Some are just still images, some are animated. I’m gonna try to find a nice free one to use for future videos, or try and make one myself..



Recently, there have been a couple of stray kittens hanging out in my backyard. I took the opportunity to film them playing and doing whatever little kittens like to do. (Turns out they like to sleep a lot!)

I’ve never actually colour graded anything before. Only done some minor colour correction to fix colour balance issues. Been looking at a few videos as a guide for what I want this to look like. Really love what some people achieve through this alone. Its fantastic for creating atmosphere and mood.

Above is my first attempt. The raw footage is very cold so I wanted it to be “livelier”. Hopefully it works out!