Banana Bread

This recipe has not led me astray! 

It is a really easy recipe. Just mix everything together,  pour the mix into your baking-paper lined tin (or cupcake tin, or both) and pop it into the oven.

I mix both dry and wet ingredients into the main bowl altogether. The only thing I do separately is mash the bananas in a separate bowl first. It just makes it easier to mash the bananas well that way. 

Make sure the bananas used are overripe. If they are not, the bananas will not be sweet enough and your banana bread will taste very bland. As can be seen above, the peels will look very spotty. The bananas will feel very soft and don’t be surprised if there are black spots on the bananas themselves. Just don’t get to the stage where they leak. That’s taking it too far…

Meanwhile,  the main mix will look… a bit gross.  This is a shot of all of the ingredients,  minus bananas, before mixing.  That’s all of the olive oil  swimming on top there.

The mix looks uninspiring before it goes into the oven, but it will shine!

I added some milk choc chips into some of the cupcakes. Here,  I’ve just left some in the centre of the cupcakes as they were being poured into the tin. You could also mix choc chips all throughout the mix instead. 

Finished banana bread loaf! This is with one hour of baking at 160 degrees in a fan forced oven. 

Cupcakes look good and taste amazing too. As the cupcakes are less dense than one big banana bread loaf,  these are generally done in about 30 minutes at the same temperature. I popped both this and the loaf in at the same time. Just take the cupcakes out earlier. 

Leave to cool before eating or portioning.


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