Roast lamb

Today has been very full on for me. Got my passport photo printed, shopped for jeans, made a lamb roast and had a guest over for dinner. 

Ingredients: Bought a small lamb leg (about 1.8kg), potatoes,  pumpkin and sweet potato. I already had the salt and pepper, dried rosemary,  minced garlic, olive oil (not pictured).

Pierced the lamb in many areas so I could stuff the holes with minced garlic and dried rosemary. I’ve seen other recipes say to pierce just 6 holes, but I really like my rosemary and garlic! This picture doesn’t show all the holes on the other side of the lamb.  There’s even a few on the end. 

I’m not too fussed about how big the holes are,  so long as they are big enough to poke a finger through when I’m stuffing garlic and rosemary in. 

To finish preparing this lamb,  I brushed oil and rosemary all over, and sprinkled salt and pepper. Then into the oven it goes. 

Veggies are prepared by chopping them into smaller,  bite sized pieces. The sweet potato needed to be peeled, but I didn’t bother with the potatoes. I left the pumpkin peel on because it would take too long to cut off. 

I usually pop the veggies into the roasting tray with the lamb after 15 minutes,  however,  they weren’t ready to go in yet so I tried something different. 

This time I used a microwave to soften everything before popping it into the oven. About 6 minutes,  or until it starts to soften a bit. I used a separate tray for all of the extra veggies that didn’t fit in the roasting tray. Sprinkle some cinnamon on these veggies to make it extra special. 

While the veggies were being prepared,  I did ensure that the lamb had oil and juices brushed over it every 15 minutes. This helps keep the exterior from drying out. 

For gravy, I bought a pre-made packet that just needed to be heated. 

Viola! A beautiful meal was had. Paired it with some red wine because I’m fancy like that. The plastic cup is not so fancy. 



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