Today, I learned how to tile a wall. My cousin is starting her own cafe, so I figured it would be nice to a) help her out with the construction, and b) learn a new skill.

Turns out tiling is simple enough. Of course it would take a lot more time and practice before I am better at it and more efficient, but I think I did well overall today.

There was a fair bit of tiling done initially, followed by hours and hours of grouting. I felt smashed by the end of it.

On another note, I forgot how cool walking through Bunnings is. There are so many items for home improvement there, I feel like I’m learning small things just by glimpsing some of the items used in a home reno.

I didn’t get to follow my usual schedule much, no exercise or reading or music, but I can’t complain given the experience.

Oh yeah, I also had free pho for dinner. It was really, really tasty pho, too, so I definitely came out on top today.

I can play my electric drum kit again!

After months of sitting idly, I have managed to fix my TD-8 hi hat control pedal. Now I can finally play it in the closed position again.

Thankfully there are a number of videos online showing how to fix it. I was almost stumped because I couldn’t get the rubber piece out easily. For a moment I thought maybe my gear was different, or too old, to follow those instructions. But persevered I did, and now I am rewarded with a functioning hi hat control pedal. Yippee!

I don’t often fix things, especially with tools, so this feels like a fairly big accomplishment for me. Realistically, I know this would be so easy for anyone else well versed in tools and electronics. Still feeling pleased with myself though!

Phone distractions

Trying to distance myself from my phone, and more specifically, the social media apps on it. 

I don’t know why but it is so ridiculously easy for me to sit somewhere and just stare at my phone for extended periods of time.

I can literally lose hours of time to this non-activity and not realise what I’m doing, or why.

To help me stop doing this, I sometimes have to put my phone into flight mode so I can’t tempt myself. 
I feel like I’m out of control.