Mr Money Mustache – view money in a different light

I have started reading the Mr Money Mustache blog again. I first came across this blog a year or two ago and read a few of the key articles before getting swept into the busyness of my own life and forgetting all about it. At the time, I was struck enough by the principles of this blog that I started keeping an eye on my grocery shopping a bit more. I also started looking at how far I was from early retirement/financial independence [really far!] and started making my own excel sheet with calculations of my own on my expenditure and savings levels. I have since tightened the belt even more on my expenditure, and even started calculating what our home cooked meals cost per meal.

But it wasn’t until just a few days ago that I stumbled across MMM yet again. Unlike before, I am not bogged down by the rat race right now so I have had a lot more time to read through these blogs thoroughly. Starting from the earliest, I have gotten through several months’ worth of advice and am already looking at ways to grow my ‘mustache’ further, as he would say.

If you haven’t already, READ THIS BLOG. I wish I had read this a decade ago when I started my first job at the ripe old age of 18. It would have opened my eyes to the value of money, but in a completely different way than before.

Growing up, I was simply taught that success equals earning as much money as possible. The more you earn, the more successful you are! Right? However, success, by that definition, does not necessarily equal happiness. Which to me sounds completely wrong. Success should be defined by whether you achieve happiness and fulfillment in your life. Unfortunately, I was set up to believe that money/success would buy me a giant house and fill it with nice, expensive things which are supposed to make me happy.

What I love about this blog is that it shows a different side of the coin which is money and our endless endeavour to procure more of it. Money can be more than something you exchange for material goods and services. It can give you flexibility and freedom in life, to spend more time with your family and friends, to do work you enjoy without fear, to do what you love.

While a good chunk of advice on the blog cannot be applied to my situation, or Sydneysiders in general, there are still so many things to take away from it. For me, this blog, and other recent life affirmations, have allowed me to continually realise that there is definitely more to life than working for money. Having money can make me happier, but it can also do the opposite depending on how I view it. I don’t want to be a slave to money because of an addiction to non-essential material things. I don’t want to be sucked into an endless loop of misery caused by a misguided and unhealthy worshipping of capitalism.

Read this blog to understand that your life can be shaped differently, that careful use of money can give you freedom and flexibility, if you so want it. There is more to life, and there is more to one self, if you choose to focus on it.


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