Tidiness is Freedom

The book I’m reading from this post, titled “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever”, tells me I need to ask myself: Why do I want to tidy?

When we moved to our current apartment two years ago, I did a big purge of my belongings. I gave away old CDs that I hadn’t touched in a decade, DVDs that can’t even be played in my house even if I wanted to watch them, books, old clothes, and little trinkets that were mostly gifts and were kept for sentimental reasons or to not offend whoever gave me these things.

There was a lot of crap to get rid of. I managed to give a lot of it away, some to friends, some to charity.

When I was done unpacking at the new place, my new home, it felt unreal. I felt so free.

So why do I want to tidy now? Over time, I know that certain items have crept back into my life unnecessarily. They are currently being stored in one of my three book shelves, wardrobe or other nook in my house.

I want to feel like I did when I first moved in here – free.

I want to have more space and leave it that way.
Why? I want to have less visual clutter offending my eyes.
Why? I want there to be fewer things cluttering my life so I can focus on what is most important and interesting to me. It would also highlight the fact that I don’t need so many material things in my life to be happy.
Why? I want to live a happy life free from the shackles of the rat race, to be financial independent.
Why? I want to do what matters most to me, and that is family and friends, reading, music, cooking, etc.

If I can achieve all that, I will certainly feel free.

So, following Kondo’s instructions I will do the following:

  • Sort by category first e.g. clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous objects, sentimental objects, keepsakes
  • Keep only things that give me joy

I will start on this project once I am free from this mood and feel up to getting out of bed.


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