Monday-itis no more!

Ahh it is Monday, and unlike the rest of the working population, I am still enjoying myself at home rather than dragging my sorry butt to work. However, unlike most Mondays lately I have already ticked off many things off my list. So I am very happy with myself right now. There is really nothing …

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Glass Castle

I know not everyone's lives are perfect. For some, it is worse in so many ways that it is hard to fathom. Others have it comparatively so good that they'll never realise it until they lost their privilege. I think I fall in between there somewhere, just a tad heavier on the side of the …

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You’ve been Unemployed for 3 months, aren’t you Bored yet?

Since quitting my job and living this employment-free life, a few friends have asked with varying degrees of puzzlement, "Aren't you bored at home yet?" My answer has unequivocally been the same: no. The 8 hours that they spend at work, plus 1-3 hours of travel on top of that (because: Sydney), have been spent …

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