Some quarter-year adjustments

I haven’t been updating my 3 Happy Things posts lately. The reason for that is I’ve been sick (again). This time, though, it’s more than just a cold.

I’ve been feeling drained and tired for weeks now. And starting last week my legs have become unbearably itchy with many small raised bumps. I think I’ve got a cold as well as some sort of inflammation in my legs.

The last time my legs were like this it resulted in me taking two weeks off uni and needing to go to three different doctors. The first two misdiagnosed it as chicken pox! The last one realised it wasn’t chicken pox and referred me to a skin specialist, but by the time I scheduled in an appointment my condition was back to normal. It’s not as bad yet so crossing my fingers it won’t get to that point.

This plus my ongoing lethargy is affecting my work as well as my personal life. I’m not nearly as productive or efficient at work as I could be. At home, I’m not able to clean up after myself as I usually do, and I barely cook like I used to. It’s not nearly as fun when I’m so drained from it.

So what I do instead is rest all the time, in bed, on the sofa, having bubble baths. All well and good but I’d like to also be productive at home sometimes. Not to mention I have my registration to study for.

So some changes I’d like to make:

  • Find a new breakfast to eat. I’ve been eating ramen noodles plus some veggies every morning for about half a year now. While the inclusion of veggies is good, I have a feeling the ramen noodles aren’t doing me any favours. I need to find something else to eat, something that can be made quickly in the morning, or pre-made in a large batch to eat over the week. Should be healthier than what I’m currently eating
  • Need to get back into exercise. No more excuses. Yes, I know I’ve been bone tired for weeks, but I gotta just do something. So let’s start small. 10 sit ups in bed before I even get out of it in the morning. I want to eventually get back to doing 10 minute high intensity cardio like I was at the beginning of the year. Boy, was I feeling great then
  • Study. I need to just read my study notes bit by bit. It’s not going to happen in one giant hours long session, so let’s just start small. One link at a time.

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